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TLC Dual Onboard Air System for Cyclists, Bike Race Support Vehicles, and Mobile Bike Mechanics.

TLC Dual Onboard Air System for Cyclists, Bike Race Support Vehicles, and Mobile Bike Mechanics.

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For cyclists and mobile bike mechanics in need of the best of the best air solution, VIAIR Bike introduces an onboard air system to its TLC line-up of tubeless-capable air compressors. Designed to be permanently mounted in a bike race support vehicle, mobile mechanic vehicle, or an off-road/overland vehicle. This system is made for the adventurer cyclists, mobile bike mechanics, and an ultimate air solution for bike racing teams.

TLC OBA with all accessories and components.


The TLC Dual 444C Onboard Air System is powered by a pair of 444C Stealth Black, 100% duty cycle compressors. This 200PSI rated system comes with a 1.5-gallon air tank with a flow rate of 3.53CFM. Included in the package are a TLC shop-style inflator (160PSI), Presta inflator head, dash panel gauge, 90-degree twist-on chuck air hose, blow gun, air source relocation kit, storage bag, and all necessary components needed to install a working system. It can be used for air tools, tire inflation, and other pneumatic applications. This system can seat the bead on a 29” tubeless mountain bike tire in less than 4 seconds and can inflate up to 37” vehicle tires.

Filling up a bicycle tire with the TLC OBA onboard air system.

For the adventurer cyclist who wants it all with an off-road/overland vehicle, this system can be ready to fill bike tires in a matter of seconds and easily get dirt and sand out of problematic areas. Allowing tire inflation for their bike tire and vehicle tire. The onboard air system also provides serviceable air needed for air lockers, air tools, and many other pneumatic tasks needed.

For the mobile bike mechanics, the benefits of an onboard air system are fast fill rates, for constant access to high pressure air, which will cut down the time it takes to complete maintenance and repairs.

For bike racing teams, the benefits of the TLC OBA system allows a bike mechanic to service his team on-the-go with no wait time for the air to be recharged to make bike repairs when needed. Whether it is setting up multiple bike wheel sets for the team before a race preparation or during a race bike tire repair, the mechanic is one step ahead without the need to pump air manually. Along with air tools ready with instant air needed for bike and vehicle repairs.

Compared to other TLC compressors, this system will provide the most instant fast serviceable air needed. Work smarter, not harder.

Built for your ultimate air solution for your bike and vehicle needs. Made by cyclists, for cyclists.

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For over 25 years, VIAIR has become the most trusted and recognized brand by consumers worldwide. VIAIR Corporation offers the most comprehensive line of D.C., fractional horsepower, oil-less air compressors & air accessories for both on-road and off-road automotive enthusiasts. Our quality-engineered compressors and components have become the industry standard for both 12-Volt and 24-Volt automotive aftermarket applications worldwide.

Our promise is to consistently deliver performance, reliability and value to our customers. Our goal is to provide the ultimate Vital Air Source – the heart of any mobile pneumatic system.

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