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GrinderTV Values VIAIR

Last week, while sponsoring Forbidden Fantasy Show 2017, we had a chance to catch up with Brian Goude, the show’s promoter and also co-founder of GrinderTV. Take a look at what he has to say about VIAIR! Aside from promoting the Forbidden Fantasy Show, Brian is also involved in automotive film company GrinderTV. What started out as Grinder Magazine, a print company for all things custom automotive a decade ago, turned into what we now know as GrinderTV. In the era of social media and more interactive coverage, you can find GrinderTV traveling the globe spotlighting worthy builds focusing on feature vehicles, events and more. What we love about GrinderTV is their passion, dedication and excellence in photography and video production. Their top quality productions are always a favorite and we know a great show comes out of it. One of the productions that stands out is GrinderTV’s, Bring the Noize 2017 footage, as seen on their YouTube channel. The vibe and energy are front and center, and they do a phenomenal job of making you feel like you are in the scene, at the show! Whether it’s full size, mini, stanced, hot rod or anything in-between, GrinderTV connects you through their amazing coverage.
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