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Air down with Truck Camper Adventure's Review of the VIAIR 450P-Automatic

[caption id="attachment_2214" align="alignnone" width="1024"]The VIAIR 450P compressor in use and resting on the front bumper. The VIAIR 450P compressor in use and resting on the front bumper. Photo Credit: Truck Camper Adventure[/caption]   Truck Camper Adventure's unbiased review of the VIAIR 450P Portable-Automatic Air Compressor shows why we are your Vital Air Source in the off road community. Truck Camper Adventure reviews only the top industry related products with a fair and honest opinion. This free online magazine is perfect for the off-road truck camper enthusiast including modifications, trucks, boon docking, emergency preparedness and travel. Follow along with Truck Camper Adventure as they talk about important functions of using a quality air compressor! Here are some highlights from their product review:

With so many choices, weeding out the good compressors from the bad ones took some time. After conducting an exhaustive search on the Internet, and a survey among friends, I decided to buy one of the highest rated portable air compressors on the market–the VIAIR 450P-Automatic.

The VIAIR 450P-Automatic is the only portable air compressor available in today’s market that features both a 100 percent duty cycle and an automatic shutoff.

How well does the VIAIR 450P work in real life? Very well. It literally takes seconds to connect the hose and attachments and start using it. With the air compressor sitting on my front bumper, I’m able to reach and fill my truck’s rear tires using the 25-foot-hose and inflation gun with no problem.

What are my final thoughts on the VIAIR 450P? Well, as you can probably tell by now, I really like it. Having it gives me peace of mind when I’m miles from any services and help, which in my case, happens quite a bit. I never leave home without my VIAIR 450P portable air compressor.

Read the entire review at Truck Camper Adventure’s website here.

Why choose our 450P-Automatic? If you’re not familiar with it, airing down your tires improves traction when wheeling or off-roading in your vehicle. Using tested products such as the VIAIR 450P-Automatic keeps you on and off the road when you are ready. To operate, use the alligator clips to connect your compressor to the vehicles 12V battery system. The automatic shut off function is a great convenience feature when you’re in a hurry to get back on paved roads. Our 450P-Automatic has a 30 foot coil hose that connects to a heat shielded, gas station style tire inflation gun with gauge. You can connect the compressor to your tire easily with the 90 Degree clip-on chuck. The heavy-duty deluxe carry bag means you'll stay organized with inflation tips for multiple applications. The 450P-Automatic is an oil-less compressor mounted on a vibration isolator equipped sand tray for protection and vibration resistant purposes, which means the compressor is of heavy duty quality and will not let you down when you need it the most. Truck Camper Adventure gave the VIAIR 450P-Automatic a rave review – try it out and see for yourself! To learn more about travel and adventure reviews, follow Truck Camper Adventure’s blog and subscribe to Truck Camper Adventure here. Most articles are written by Mello Mike, founder and Senior Editor of Truck Camper Adventure and their only agenda is to promote safe use and enjoyment of public lands through the use of truck campers or other four-wheel drive vehicles.  
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